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What information do I get when I download a list?

When you download a list you get the following fields. (as of 12/9/21, additional fields may have been added to the download since) Company (name) First Name Last Name Title Phone (for the contacts location) Email (contacts) Domain (company website)…

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Do you have data for Canada?

Yes, we do have data for contacts/companies in Canada*. Once your logged into your TopData Search account you can search Canada data by entering the country code “CA” into the Country field. *While we do provide Canada data, including email,…

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Is your data GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are GDPR compliant.  For more information on our GDPR compliance see our Privacy Policy. We keep our data GDPR compliant by excluding any contacts from the EU in our database.  The down side is you can't buy data…

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