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Do you offer any guarantee on data accuracy?

Yes, We know our data isn’t perfect and there will always be some inaccuracies, but we work hard to keep them to a minimum.  If the email, phone, street address, are inaccurate you can return record(s) to us at [email protected] and we will give you additional replacement credits.

Inaccurate information in a field that is part of your search criteria can also be returned.  For example if your criteria limits to contacts in Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma and you get some contacts that are actually in other states, they would be considered invalid and could be returned for credits.

If you send us records please let us know what is inaccurate about them (bad email, etc), and if you got the records through our TopData Search platform let us know the user email associated with your account so we know what account to credit.

To make your job easier we also provide ~10% surplus records with most lists purchased through an account manager and 10% more credits with any TopData Search credit purchase.  Replacement records and credits will only be issued when the records you return exceed any surplus provided.


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