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FAQ – for TopData Search

Not finding the answer you’re looking for (or don’t want to search for it), jump on a live chat or submit your question here.

Can I exclude records I already have?

The email suppression area “Bulk Email Suppression”, is where you can select and apply suppression lists (exclusions lists). You can individually select lists you have previously downloaded through TDS, or upload your own list of emails to exclude. Suppression is by email address only.

The suppression module allows you to:

  • Exclude/suppress specific lists. You can individually select from all available suppression lists which includes all lists you have previously downloaded.
  • Exclude/suppress all available suppression lists.  By checking the “Exclude All Suppression Lists” option all previously downloaded lists, as well as any suppression lists you have uploaded, will be excluded from the search/download.
  • Exclude/suppress all lists you previously downloaded.  By default the “Exclude Previous Purchases” option is checked and all lists you previously downloaded will be excluded from the search/download.
  • Upload a new suppression list by clicking the green “Add a New List” button.

You have the option to add and remove downloaded lists to the auto suppress previous purchases option in the “Orders” area.

You can also manage your email suppression lists in the “Suppression Email” area found on the left side menu. In this area, you can add new email suppression lists, view all existing email suppression lists, view and edit the records in an email suppression list, remove email suppression lists, and download email suppression lists.


Can I search by company name?

We don’t have a company name search option, but you can search by company domain.  If we get enough interest in searching by company name we will add it as an option, please let us know at [email protected]

Can I Search by SIC?

Yes, in the Industry module select the blue ‘SELECT SIC CODE FROM LIST” button and then you can select 2, 3, or 4 digit sics. To expand (or contract) the 2 and 3 digit SIC groups click on the SIC name.

Selected SICs will show in the ‘Select SIC Code’ box and can be removed from the count by either clicking the x next to them there or deselecting them in the SIC selection popup.

You can also start typing a keyword or SIC into the “Select SIC Code” box and all matching SICs will show as selection options.

You can toggle the green “Include” button to “Exclude” to exclude the selected SICs.

Can multiple people use the same account?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it and we are not responsible for what people you give access to do in your account.  Besides it’s free to have an account, so tell them to get their own.

Company Size Module, How Does It Work?

Select the desired range(s) for number of employees.  If you don’t select any ranges all company sizes will be included by default.

Companies that we don’t have number of employee information for are under the “Unknown” option.

Do you have a subscription option?

Yes, to sign up for a subscription you must talk with an account manager.  (877) 591-3252 x3 or email us at [email protected]

Our subscriptions are still month to month, you can cancel any time, but with a subscription you get the bulk pricing for 12 months of data.

You can get any number of records you want in a subscription, there are no set packages.


Talk to an account manager to get your subscription, (877) 591-3252 x3 or email us at [email protected]

Do you have a video demo?

Yes, here’s a 5 minute demo.

Let us know if you still have questions.

Get a free TDS account HERE

Do you have an unlimited access option?

Yes, talk with an account manager (877) 591-3252 x3 or email us at [email protected]



Do you have data for Canada?

Yes, we do have data for contacts/companies in Canada.

Once your logged into your TopData Search account you can search Canada data by entering the country code “CA” into the Country field in the data search window.

While we do provide Canada data with complete contact information Canada has strict laws against emailing without getting permission from the individual first.  We highly recommend you get permission through social media, phone or other outreach before sending emails to contacts in Canada.



Do you have data for countries outside the United States?

Yes, the default geography is the United States, but you can search for any country in the “Country” field using their 2 digit country code.

Due to GDPR laws we don’t have any data for European Union contacts/companies.
Canada: we do provide Canada data, but Canada has strict laws against emailing without getting permission from the individual first.  We highly recommend you get permission through social media, phone or other outreach before sending emails to contacts in Canada.



Do you offer any guarantee on data accuracy?

Yes, We know our data isn’t perfect and there will always be some inaccuracies, but we work hard to keep them to a minimum.  If the email, phone, street address, are inaccurate you can return record(s) to us at [email protected] and we will give you additional replacement credits.

Inaccurate information in a field that is part of your search criteria can also be returned.  For example if your criteria limits to contacts in Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma and you get some contacts that are actually in other states, they would be considered invalid and could be returned for credits.

If you send us records please let us know what is inaccurate about them (bad email, etc), and if you got the records through our TopData Search platform let us know the user email associated with your account so we know what account to credit.

To make your job easier we also provide ~10% surplus records with most lists purchased through an account manager and 10% more credits with any TopData Search credit purchase.  Replacement records and credits will only be issued when the records you return exceed any surplus provided.

How do I cancel my account?

There is no need to cancel your account because there is no cost to have an account. Unless of course you have a subscription or some other paid account type we came  up with since writing this Q&A entry.

No problem, send us a message at (TopDataSearch at from the email used in your account asking for it to be canceled and we will.  Of course you still don’t need to cancel your account, just request we cancel the subscription but keep your account active.  Of course if you really want it to just not exist any more because it ‘doesn’t bring you joy’ we can take care of it for you.

How do I download a list?

Once you’ve run a search select the green “Place Order” button.  Then in the window that opens enter the list name and you have 3 options for what records to download.

  1. The first is to download all records in the search.
  2. Or if you picked specific records from the preview area the “Selected Records” option will be available and you can choose to download only those records.
  3. Or you can select “Limited Records” and enter the number of records you want to download.


How do I get a TopData Search account?

Their are forms all over the site where you can request an account.  Try the TopData Search page.

How do I know how many credits I have?

Your credits are displayed at the top of the left side navigation bar.

How do I reset my password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password you can request it be resent to the email on the account.

Then when logged into your account you can change you password in the my profile area.

To request your password be resent to you send an email to “[email protected]”, from the address used in your account.   You can also make this request in Live Chat to [email protected] or via the contact us page.



How much does a TopData Search account cost?

If your asking this you obviously don’t have an account yet.  What are you waiting for, it’s free to have an account.

We don’t charge anything to have an account or to run searches.  No seat fee, you only pay for data download credits and you only need pay for data credits when you need them.

We do have subscription options that have some pricing benefits, but you can get access to our platform with no annual contract requirements, cost per seat or any other unnecessary tricks to force you to stay with us.  Request a free account today.

I requested an account but didn’t get the login information

When you request an account we will first review your request and send you a verification email.  It can then take up to 24 hours for us to send you account information. If it’s been 24 hours and you’ve seen no email from us check your junk mail folder, the account information email will come from “[email protected]”.  If you still aren’t seeing an email with your account information send a message from the email you signed up with to “[email protected]” and we will help you.

Industry Search Module, How does it Work?

The industry module allows you to search by SIC, Named Industry, or specific company domains.  See the video below for a demo of the industry module.

  • Select SICs (include or exclude)
  • Enter target domains (include or exclude)
  • Select industries by name


Is your data CCPA compliant?

Yes, we are CCPA compliant and exclude all records for California contacts that ask to be removed from our database. If you would like to know if you are in our database or would like to be removed from our database, send a message from the email you want to be removed to [email protected] and we will respond.

Is your data GDPR compliant?

Yes, to assure compliance with GDPR we don’t have any European Union contacts in our database.  The down side is you can’t buy data from us for contacts in the European Union countries.  The upside is you know our data is safe and no one else can legally sell you that data anyway, so you don’t get any EU data but at least you know you can trust us.

What do I get for 1 credit?

Every record download credit is good for 1 record download (1:1).  A download includes all available information on the contact and their company.  So if you have 100 credits you can download 100 records.

It doesn’t take any credits to run searches and view preview records, only once you download records are your credits used.

What do I get with a TopData Search Subscription?

When you sign up for a subscription you get the benefit of bulk pricing with monthly payments.  So if you want 1,000 records per month you get the same monthly pricing as if you were buying 12,000 records all at once.

To talk with an account manager.  (877) 591-3252 x3 or email us at [email protected]


What’s up with the 100k download Limit?

First, congratulations you’re marketing like a badass and need more than 100k contacts at a time.

The 100k download limit is a security precaution.  To get more than 100k records you can download the data you need 100k at a time and exclude the previous downloads each time. 

Also if you really need large volumes reach out to an account manager at 877.591.3252.  We can provide larger lists directly as a spreadsheet, or by API.  Reach out to [email protected] with any questions or requests.  

When do my credits expire?

Your credits do not expire.

Why can’t I find the contact I’m looking for?

Don’t get us started on this. Just because we’re awesome people sometimes think we’re all knowing and have every contact ever in our database.  That’s not how this type of data works. If your looking for an email for a guy that used to work with a friend of your second cousin, we probably don’t have it.

We have a very large data set, but if you search for a specific contact it’s unlikely we will have that exact person in our database.  The purpose of TopData Search is to find contacts within your target audience, if your target audience is one specific guy your probably in the wrong place.