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Can I save a search to use later?

After you run a search you can choose to download records, or to save the search so you can easily bring the same criteria back later.  This is really convenient when you have a lot of search criteria.  If you choose to save the search it can then be found and brought back up in the “Saved Searches” area in the left side menu.

Your search criteria will also be automatically saved when you order a list.  See the video below for more information.

FYI: saving a search does not mean the same records will be pulled if you run the search later.  Our database is constantly being updated with records being added and removes.  Also, if you download a list and then later pull up and run that same search the records you previously downloaded will automatically be excluded from the search.  See more about excluding previously purchased records in the TDS FAQ.


  • How does the saved search area work?
  • Can I save my search results?
  • do have have to reenter my criteria each time?

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