find your ideal prospects.

connect with the right information.

Maximize Your lead Potential.

Getting your message in front of the people who matter to your business starts with finding the right people.

No Credit Card Required

What Makes Us Different

Your list credits don’t expire.

No more scrambling to use your credits at the end of every month.

No seat fees.

Pay only for data download credits and only when you need them. Have as many accounts as you want (at no additional cost) or let multiple people use 1 account.
(1 data download credit = 1 record)

Our helpful account managers won’t ignore you.

We’re always here to help with what you need, not to qualify or filter you.

Real data.

We’re not an algorithm scraping the internet and posing as a data company. We own and maintain our data, ensuring the highest accuracy available, not just a list of “maybe this is their email” guesses.


Did I mention no contract? Not only do we have extremely competitive pricing, typically 50% the cost of similar data companies, we also don’t lock you into a contract. If you’d like an automatic renewing subscription we can provide that for convenience, but you can still cancel any time and you get to keep all the data credits you’ve purchased.

You own the data.

Little-known fact, many data providers hide in their overpriced contracts that if you ever leave them, they own the data and you have to delete all records that came from them.

Sounds crazy right? Just ask GE what happened when they canceled with a major data provider. Hint: It included data auditors being sent to their offices to check computers and verify that all data had been deleted.

Sales Teams and Marketers of Top Companies Use MountainTop Data & TopData Search to Build Their Pipeline and Get Surefire Sales

Our Services

Data Append

Frustrated with good contacts being left out of your campaign because of missing emails or other info?

Fill in emails in your sales and marketing database and connect to your audience efficiently and accurately with our top-quality data append service.

B2B List

Leads that close sales start with high-quality data.

Start running successful marketing campaigns by making sure your data is both accurate and properly targeted.

Get more leads faster with all the information you need.

Data Clean

CRM data goes bad at a rate of 50% every 2 years. Many companies pay more to keep old data in their CRM than it would cost to clean it. Don't make that mistake.

Email verification, data normalization, phone verification, duplicate identification, and more.

Get TopData Search
And Get the Accurate B2B Data You Need to Close Deals with Your Most Valuable Buyers

Reach Your Buyers Faster

With complete contact information (emails, phone numbers, mailing address, LinkedIn profile, and more) you can reach out to your ideal customers faster.   You’ll get superb quality leads and start closing more deals in no time.

Unlimited Opportunities Within Your Market

With one of the largest B2B databases available and new records added every day, there are always new target contacts to connect with.  

Save Tons

Buy more record download credits whenever you need them and take advantage of volume discounts.  Our data typically costs 50% less than that of our top competitors. Save money and get access to 30 million+ verified business contacts with endless opportunities to turbocharge your sales and marketing. 

You’re in Control

With no seat fees and no annual contract requirements, you are in control. Our business model is designed for the customer, which means you don’t have to stress about data use and cost. Buy data only when you need it and you credits never expire.

We hate hidden costs!
So we made sure you don’t have to deal with them.

Discover companies from industries that are ideal for you.

Identify the right decision-makers by title and get accurate emails and phone numbers.

Find your Goldilocks zone, companies that are not too big, not too small, but just right.

Why is TDS right for you?

The TopData Search tool is uniquely structured with your needs in mind. Our business is to grow yours.


We won’t force you to sign up for something you don’t want, much less lock you in for a year. No commitments, no hassle! And the best part – we never reset your accounts just because a month or a year has gone by. We’re always fair with you!


You’ll only be charged when you actually download leads, not for every seat, login, or month. And credits you purchase never expire. They are yours, so you don’t have to worry about using every credit monthly. We will never set your credit balance to zero “just because.”


With us, you can talk to a real person and get answers. Get a demo, a walk-through for specific needs, and your questions answered by an account manager for NO EXTRA CHARGE. Create a free TopData Search account and dig into our entire DB, which is 30 million leads strong.


Tell us your budget and we’ll show you the best option to get results that fit your needs. We make sure our pricing won’t break your marketing budget.


Automatically get new records within your target market and get notifications whenever records in your lists have a change in information.

Here’s What TDS Users Say

“I canceled my contract with D&B because I prefer what I get from MountainTop Data. D&B includes too many contacts per company and charges extra for email addresses”.


“My relationship with MountainTop Data goes back years and started a few companies ago. I have used many list providers in my position as VP of Marketing, as we are a power user of marketing automation systems, and I have never found any other company which is as responsive, thorough, and cost-effective. Working with them is a pleasure – my account manager is always direct, on point, asks the right qualifying questions, and then gets the job done. MountainTop Data is my go-to provider for lists, and now we are trying them for data augmentation. Five thumbs up”.


“I recently told MountainTop Data that I can’t buy any more leads from them as we’re too busy servicing all the clients that we got from the last time we bought the list from them”.


“MountainTop Data is our go-to resource for lists. My account manager and his team are responsive and knowledgeable. We have found he and his team provide solid guidance for how to best build a list for a specific purpose”.


“My boss used another data provider and they were HORRIBLE. Literally, we HATE it. We love working with you – so much easier!!! I told my boss I refuse to buy from anyone but you!”


“I’ve been dealing with list providers for years and the quality I get from MountainTop Data is much better than what I was accustomed to. High deliverability, very low bounce rate, etc.”


Something on your mind?

We came prepared.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. We have lead identification specialists available to help you with all of your targeting needs. We’ll help identify the right audience for your business and guide you on how to find and access them in the TDS tool. Book a call now.

Great question. And good news! When you buy leads you get to keep those credits forever. They. Simply. Never. Expire.

  • Pricing starts at $98 for 200 record download credits
  • The cost per record decreases every 250 credits.
  • At 10,000 credits your cost is $0.26 per record
  • At 51,000 credits the cost per record is down to our lowest rate of $0.10.

Use them when you need them. 

We’re fair like that. 

That means any credits you buy, they’re yours to keep and you can use them at your own pace.

This product is developed with you in mind. You can use it for all of your needs even without a subscription. We’ll never force you to buy any subscriptions from us, or be locked into a contract. 

We are open to helping you with any integration you need. Email us at [email protected]

Not finding the answer you’re looking for (or don’t want to search for it)? Jump on a live chat, email us at [email protected] or submit your question here.

Time Is Money. Make Sure to Reach the Right People at the Right Time.

No Credit Card Required

Time Is Money. Make Sure to Reach the Right People at the Right Time.

B2B Data Without the Annoying Credit Resets!

Hate seeing your credit balance return to zero every month? We know! It’s really annoying and such a waste of your time and money! With TopData Search, you get to keep your credits. FOREVER! Use them anytime, at any stage of your business. No pressure!

We Are an Extension of Your Great Team!

Our reliable Lead Identification Specialist can help you with targeting lists that fit your needs.

So whenever you’re having trouble

Using the tool

With whatever concerns you may have related to your credits, we are just a phone call away.

Finding the right leads for your biz

We’ve got a systematic process to provide solutions to your current predicament. And yes! You’ll be able to start reaping the benefits of your investment ASAP.