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Can I exclude records I already have?

Yes, you can exclude records from a search by email.

The email suppression area “Bulk Email Suppression”, is where you can select and apply suppression lists (exclusions lists). You can individually select lists you have previously downloaded through TDS, or upload your own list of emails to exclude. Suppression is by email address only.

The suppression module allows you to:

  • Exclude/suppress specific lists. You can individually select from all available suppression lists which includes all lists you have previously downloaded.
  • Exclude/suppress all available suppression lists.  By checking the “Exclude All Suppression Lists” option all previously downloaded lists, as well as any suppression lists you have uploaded, will be excluded from the search/download.
  • Exclude/suppress all lists you previously downloaded.  By default the “Exclude Previous Purchases” option is checked and all lists you previously downloaded will be excluded from the search/download.
  • Upload a new suppression list by clicking the green “Add a New List” button.

You have the option to add and remove downloaded lists to the auto suppress previous purchases option in the “Orders” area.

You can also manage your email suppression lists in the “Suppression Email” area found on the left side menu. In this area, you can add new email suppression lists, view all existing email suppression lists, view and edit the records in an email suppression list, remove email suppression lists, and download email suppression lists.


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