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How do I download a list?

Once you’ve run a search you will see the number of records available and several options in the “Place Order” area.   To download the entire list enter an order name and select place order.

But, you do have 3 options for what records to download.

  1. The first is to download all records in the search and this option is selected by default.
  2. Or if you picked specific records from the preview area the “Selected Records” option will be available and you can choose to download only those records.
  3. Or you can select “Limited Records” and enter the number of records you want to download.

You also have the option to save the search so you can run it again later without having to re-enter all of the criteria.  Saved searches can be found in your “Saved Searches” page.  If you choose to download records using the “Place Order” button the search is also saved.


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