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Press Release: Top Online Sales Generator Set Record Cyber Monday Sales

Press Release: Top Online Sales Generator Set Record Cyber Monday Sales

Today, businesses can thrive or die on their ability to generate online sales. Several marketing tools are available, however, there’s one sales generator that beats them all, says Mountain Top Data.

(Los Angeles, CA) February 26, 2019 – In November the latest Cyber Monday (starting on Thanksgiving Day and culminating on the following Monday) became the highest U.S. ecommerce sales day in history with $7.9 billion in revenue.1 This was 19.7 percent up from 2017’s figure of $6.6 billion.2  Marketers want to know what marketing formula drove all those sales. They analyzed social media, TV ads, and web banner ads. The surprising channel that generated nearly a quarter of the traffic resulting in 7.9 billion dollars in sales was email marketing. Sky Cassidy, CEO of Mountain Top Data, a leader in data intelligence and services says, “Marketers’ attention can be captured by the latest online marketing tool and by comparison email marketing is sometimes considered “old school.” This is a mistake. Year in and year out email remains the top traffic generator for online sales.”

It’s estimated that email is nearly 40 times more effective than that of Facebook and Twitter combined.3 People are twice as likely to sign up for a business email list than to interact with a Facebook ad.Some of this comes down to the fact that an email subscriber is more engaged and interested with the message compared to seeing an ad on social media. In addition, sheer quantity plays a role. It is estimated that almost half of the world’s population of nearly four billion people will utilize email by 2020.5

Email marketing is also the most cost effective. With roughly $38 made for every $1 spent, it generally offers the highest ROI.6

However, email marketing presents some challenges. Companies purchase inaccurate lists. Opt-in lists go bad and potential customers can report spam and complain. And though an email campaign can be extremely cost effective, there can be lost money if one considers the sales that don’t happen, that could have, because of a faulty list. This “leaky bucket” can mean the difference between success and failure of a campaign. It is estimated that bad marketing data cost online businesses 611 billion dollars per year.7

While most businesses utilize email lists and acknowledge their worth, some marketers don’t trust the companies from which they might purchase email lists or list services. They say such people make all kinds of claims about the accuracy of their lists that just aren’t true.8

Sky Cassidy agrees that one should be careful of where they get their lists and data services. “Every data company that sells or cleans email lists will tell you their lists and services are the most accurate. But how do you really know?” Cassidy recommends asking four key questions before engaging any data company.

  • Does the company back their lists with an accuracy guarantee?
  • How often is their data verified?
  • Do they maintain their data in house or are they reselling a third-party’s data?
  • Can they send you a sample and does that sample look professional and have accurate information?

How a data company answers these questions will reveal the quality of the lists they offer, append, or the data cleaning service of the company in question.

Evidence shows that most B2B companies understand the value of email campaigns to generate leads. It is estimated that online marketers, about 87%, use email more than any other form of lead generation.8 In this light, having the most accurate, clean email lists would work to the advantage of any business wanting to make more sales. Email marketing remains king and holds marketing power.


About Mountain Top Data
Mountain Top Data, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, has been providing data services for B2B marketing for almost two decades. With an unrelenting commitment to quality they were the first company to guarantee the accuracy of their licensed data and business emails.  They provide marketing lists, data cleaning, data appending, data maintenance and email campaign management services. Their data services have been used by some of the world’s biggest brands across a multitude of various industries from multi-national telecommunication companies to office technology, to PR firms and more. For more information visit:


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