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We Know How You Feel About Your Marketing Data

and we can help

good news

Marketing data is the easiest part of your marketing campaigns to fix, and having cleaner data creates a positive ripple effect through your pipeline directly to sales.

bad news

Inaccurate emails and dirty data can ruin campaigns, and at least 10% of your marketing data goes bad every quarter.

dirty data

Your campaigns may be spot on, but with built-in data inaccuracies and 10% of data going bad every quarter, regular data cleaning is a must.  Don’t let dirty data slow down your marketing.  If inaccurate information, fake contacts, and duplicates have piled up in your database our Email Verification and Data Scrub services can help.

email verification

The quickest thing you can do to improve your data is email verification. Accurate emails are a must and our email verification will remove inaccurate and harmful emails giving you immediate results.  Even if you’ve already been sending to a list, bad emails can cause low delivery rates, which means many emails are rejected before they even get to the email server.  This leave bad emails lying in wait to get delivered again in your next campaign and continue the cycle of poor performance.

  • Identify and remove bad contacts
  • Improve email delivery rates

data scrub

For a more thorough cleaning try our Data Scrub service. We will put your dirty data through our four-step scrubbing process.

  • Internal database comparison
  • Social media cross verification
  • Email verification
  • Individual field algorithms with 200+ processes

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