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TopData Search  – FAQ

Not finding the answer your looking for (or don’t want to search for it), jump on a live chat or submit your question here.

How do I get a TopData Search account?

You can request an account HERE

and we will send account information to the email you provide.

How much does a TopData Search account cost?

It is free to have a TopData Search account.  We don’t charge anything to have an account and to run searches.  You only pay for data credits and you only pay for data credits when you need them.   We have no annual contract requirements, cost per seat, or any other unnecessary tricks to force you to stay with us.  We provide quality data, that’s it.

There are currently 3 credit purchase options within a TDS account. These 3 options are all available within your TDS account for quick and easy purchase by credit card.  You can also purchase larger volumes at different pricing points directly from an account manager by calling (877) 591-3252 x3

    1. 500 records for $250
    2. 1,200 records for $495
    3. 2,750 records for $995

I requested an account but didn't get the login information.

It can take up to 24 hours for us to send you account information.  Check your junkmail folder, the account information email will come from “TopDataSearch at”.  If you still aren’t seeing an email with your account information send a message from the email you signed up with to “TopDataSearch at” and we will respond with the account information.

How do I reset my password?

We don’t yet have an automated system for resetting passwords.  Send an email to “TopDataSearch at”, from the address used in your account with a request to reset your password, or to use a specific password, and we will respond.

Can I exclude contacts I already have?

Yes, you can upload a spreadsheet of emails to use for suppression (exclude from counts/lists) in TopData Search.  Apply any suppression list by selecting it by name in the “Bulk Email Suppression” section in TopData Search or by selecting the “Exclude all suppression lists” option.  Lists you have previously ordered are automatically excluded from counts and orders.   See the video on email suppression here.

* File Size limitation (Maximum 50MB)
* File type (CSV Only)
* Must have “email” in the column name

What does the "Bulk Email Suppression" area mean and how does it work?

The email suppression area “Bulk Email Suppression”, is where you can apply suppression lists (exclusions lists) to exclude contacts you already have in house or have previously downloaded through TDS.

This suppression is by email address only and allows you to…

    • Exclude/suppress contacts you previously downloaded through TDS.
      • By leaving the “Exclude Previous Purchases” option checked, all lists you previously downloaded will be excluded from the search.
      • By checking the “Exclude All Suppression Lists” option all previously downloaded lists as well as any suppression lists you have uploaded will be excluded from the search.
      • If you click in the field for “Select Bulk Email Suppression” you can pick from all suppression lists, including individual suppression lists that you have uploaded and previously downloaded lists.  You can start typing in list names and/or scroll down through all of your suppression lists.
    • Upload a new suppression list by clicking the green “Add a New List” button.

You can also manage your email suppression lists in the “Suppression Email” area found in the left side menu.  In this area you can add new email suppression lists, view all existing email suppression lists, view and edit the records in an email suppression list, remove email suppression lists, and download email suppression lists.

How do I download a list, see the complete records?

Once you’ve run a search select “Place Order” then enter the list name and select “Place Order”.  If you picked specific records from the preview area the “Selected Records” option will be selected and only those records will be downloaded.  Or you can select “Limited Records” and enter the number of records you want to download.

How do I select specific industries?

You can select specific industries by SIC or by named industry.

By SIC: you can start typing in either a SIC code or keyword and all matching options will show in the drop down for selection.
By Named Industry: Expand the named industry section by clicking on the “>”, then select the check box next to the industries you want.  The green check includes that industry and the red X excludes it.

We are in the process of developing a more user friendly industry selection section.
If you enter both SICs and named industries only companies that are are in both a selected SIC and a Selected Industry will be included.

Can I search for specific companies buy name?

There isn’t a company name search, yet, you can search by company domain.

We will be adding the ability to upload a list of domains for targeting (or suppression), in the near future.

When do my credits expire?

Credits don’t expire.

What is a credit?

1 credit = 1 record.

So if you have 100 credits you can download 100 records with complete contact information.

Do you have a subscription option?

We don’t currently have an option for an automatic monthly subscription.  We may add this option as a convenience, but will not require being locked into a contract.

Can I purchase more credits than in the 3 given options?

Yes, you must talk with an account manager to purchase larger volumes of credits.  We are developing purchase options for larger volumes and will make those available in the near future.

Why can't I find the contact I'm looking for?

We have a very large data set, but if you search for a single contact it’s unlikely we will have that 1 person in our database.  This tool is designed for looking for specific types of contacts, not exact contacts.

How do I cancel my account?

There is no need to cancel your account because there is no cost to have an account.  Still want to cancel your account?  No problem, send us a message at (TopDataSearch at from the email used in your account asking for it to be canceled and we will.

How do I know how many credits I have?

Your credits are displayed at the top of the left side navigation bar.

Is your data GDPR compliant?

Yes, to maintain compliance with GDPR we don’t have any European Union contacts in our database.

Is your data CCPA compliant?

Yes, We exclude all records for California contacts that ask to be removed from our database.  If you would like to know if you are in our database or would like to be removed from our database, send a message from the email you want removed to CCPA at and we will respond.