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How Do I buy Credits in TopData Search?

You can purchase Record Download Credits in the “Purchase Credit” area within your TopData Search account.  (get a free account here)


More information on purchasing credits and our pricing:

Credits can be purchased in any volume, any time, with a minimum of 200 credits for $98.
Our pricing is based on a sliding scale with a lower cost per record the more credits you buy.  You can see the cost for any volume of records by signing up for a free account and going to the “Purchase Credit” page in your account.

  • Pricing starts at $98 for 200 record download credits
  • The cost per record decreases every 250 credits.
  • At 10,000 credits your cost is $0.26 per record
  • At 51,000 credits the cost per record is down to our lowest rate of $0.10 per.

If this all seems strange because your expecting some runaround where you have to talk to sales and promise to buy a high priced annual contract before we’ll give you any info, don’t worry, your not crazy, most data companies work that way, but not us.



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