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TopFunnel Email Service

Designed to give your company easy access to have email campaigns sent to new target prospects.  This produces a steady flow of high quality list that can then safely feed your other sales/marketing activities with data and leads.

By managing the delivery process and providing the targeted campaign list we make it possible to reach prospects you would not otherwise with minimal time and energy input from your team.

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You want to get your message in front of new prospects, but cold email campaigns and complicated to setup and run and your ESP likely doesn’t allow it.
We can now manage ongoing email campaigns to new targeted contacts and provide a steady flow of leads for less than if you did it yourself.

How does it work?

  • Targeted list
  • Campaign delivery platform (email server, domains, etc)
  • Campaign setup and management
  • Campaign Reporting and regular lead files with complete contact information for all clicks and responses.
  • Executing: This program is designed to provide ongoing campaigns that provide a steady flow of new contact for your internal sales and marketing efforts.
    • We send campaigns on your behalf and handle all compliance.
    • All you need to do is help us identify the target audience so we can pull the necessary contact information and provide the email creative(s).  We do have an option for MTD to provide the email creative as well and we do offer advice on successful email creative types.
    • We add new contacts as they become available in our database for all ongoing campaigns assuring you are up to date with your audience as it changes.
    • You get the list of all Clicks and direct responses as regular campaign reports. You can then prioritize sales follow up and add these records into your regular sales/marketing activities.

We can also help you take the next step, with TopFunnel+

Top-of-Funnel Email Management PDF