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The Data Diva and MountainTop Data

The Database Diva helps you squeeze every drop of profit from your customer database. Once you’ve done that, it’s easy to find “lookalike” prospects in MountainTop Data’s TopData Search. Use coupon code TheDatabaseDiva to get 1,000 free prospects. If you’d like to brainstorm the best strategy to pick your hottest 1000 prospects, schedule a free 10-Minute Brainstorm with me, and I’ll share targeting tips you probably wouldn’t have thought of!

With TopData Search from MountainTop Data: 

  1. Search database of 30 Million+ Business Contacts
  2. Export records at your convenience
  3. Simple, powerful, and intuitive interface
  4. No high cost annual contract
  5. Upload your own suppression lists
  6. and much more.

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