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data append

Do you need more information, in your information? We can append email, phone number (company or direct dial), general contact data, company data, and more. Improve campaign targeting and results by upgrading your in-house data with more complete information. Whatever data you’d like added to your marketing list, we can help.

B2B List

You’ve developed a sales and marketing machine that turns targeted accounts into sales, now it’s time to add some rocket fuel to your machine. Enhance your marketing database with new targeted companies and contacts and get more high quality leads fast.

data clean

Data gets old fast, we can keep yours up to date so you can focus on running highly effective campaigns without the headache of dirty and outdated data. Email Verification, Data Normalization, Phone Verification, Duplicate Identification, and general data cleaning. We do both one-off projects and ongoing data maintenance.


“I canceled my contract with D&B because I prefer what I get from MountainTop Data. D&B includes too many contacts per company and charges extra for email addresses”.


“My boss used another data provider and they were HORRIBLE. Literally, we HATE it. We love working with you – so much easier!!! I told my boss I refuse to buy from anyone but you!”


“MountainTop Data is our go-to resource for lists. My account manager and his team are responsive and knowledgeable. We have found he and his team provide solid guidance for how to best build a list for a specific purpose”.


“My relationship with MountainTop Data goes back years and started a few companies ago. I have used many list providers in my position as VP of Marketing, as we are a power user of marketing automation systems, and I have never found any other company which is as responsive, thorough and cost-effective. Working with them is a pleasure – my account manager is always direct, on point, asks the right qualifying questions, and then gets the job done. MountainTop Data is my go-to provider for lists, and now we are trying them for data augmentation. 5 thumbs up”.


“I’ve been dealing with list providers for years and the quality I get from MountainTop Data is much better than what I was accustomed to. High Deliverability, very low bounce rate, etc.”


“I recently told MountainTop Data that I can’t buy any more leads from them as we’re too busy servicing all the clients that we got from the last time we bought list from them”.


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Search over 30 million contacts by:

  • Title
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Geography
  • And more…