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Navigating April Fools’ Day For B2B Marketers, Seriously

April Fools' Day is just around the corner, and B2B marketers are always looking for new and creative ways to engage with their audience.   April Fools' Day can be a fun and playful holiday, but for B2B marketers, it can also be a risky day to engage with customers and clients. While some companies have successfully used April Fools'…

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Happy Email!

Why Email Marketing to a Refined List Is King

The Benefits of Focusing on a Specific Audience for Your Email Marketing Campaigns. Email marketing can be a highly effective way to reach potential customers and drive sales. But, the success of your campaign largely depends on the quality of your email list. While some marketers may be tempted to cast a wide net and send emails to as many…

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Invest In Your Future

Lead Nurturing 101: A Guide to Building Stronger Customer Relationships

As a business owner or marketer, you know that generating leads is only half the battle. The real challenge lies in converting those leads into paying customers. And that's where lead nurturing comes in. Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with potential customers through targeted, personalized communication. It involves providing valuable content, addressing customer concerns, and guiding prospects…

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Press Release: Data “Scholarships” Enable Brilliant Minds in Startup Community

Data “Scholarships” Enable Brilliant Minds in Startup Community With about 90 percent of new businesses failing within their formative years, MountainTop Data CEO Sky Cassidy is helping startups on the path to success by offering data scholarships. (Los Angeles, CA) July 2, 2019− The number one reason for failure in business within the first year is cash flow problems, followed…

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Press Release: Customer-Powered Companies Guaranteed to See Higher Sales, Experts Say

Customer-Powered Companies Guaranteed to See Higher Sales, Experts Say If You Market Podcast hosts, Sky Cassidy and cohost Karla Jo Helms, interview marketing specialist, Mark Organ, on how companies can heighten ROI by letting the customer be a part of the strategy. The podcast recommends businesses invite customers to participate in every aspect of the company to foster a community…

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Press Release: In Today’s B2B Markets Good Sales Requires Excellent Data

Today, businesses are not as quick to purchase products or services as they once were. Per Sky Cassidy, CEO of MountainTop Data, slower “buying cycles” necessitates more than ever that B2B companies utilize ultra-clean and updated marketing lists to be profitable. (Los Angeles, CA) June 4, 2019−B2B buying cycles are getting longer. This, according to a study by Demand Gen…

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Press Release: Brand Archetypes Frame Content Marketing Strategies for Startups, Expert Says

As U.S businesses gravitate to content-based marketing strategies, If You Market Podcast hosts, Sky Cassidy, and cohost Karla Jo Helms, interview marketing expert, Ryan O’Hara, on how startups can capture attention from their target audiences. The podcast commends brand archetypes as the formula for driving content marketing campaigns and sustaining interest from prospects.   (Tampa, FL) February 26, 2019 –…

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Press Release: Updated Technology and Employee Autonomy Necessary for Remote Workforces, Expert Says

As more working professionals telecommute regularly, If You Market Podcast hosts, Sky Cassidy, and cohost Karla Jo Helms, interview remote workforce expert, Lissette Sutherland, on how companies can manage remote teams. The podcast encourages managers to give remote workers autonomy in facilitating workplace culture and success. (Tampa, FL) January 22, 2019 – CNBC outlined a recent IWG report noting how…

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