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Startup Data Scholarship

The MountainTop Data Startup Data Scholarship gives startups access to business contact and firmographic data.

This “Data Scholarship is for any pre funding startup and has a use for Business contact information.  It is designed to help startups with a need for business data to either market their B2B product to, or to support a product that requires this data as part of it’s functionality or product offering.

For Startups with a B2B product this scholarship will allow you to more effectively market yourself by providing access to our world class database of company and contact information for your sales and marketing efforts.  Similar data access costs tens of thousands of dollars per year.

For Startups that want to create a product that would need or benefit from access to this data this scholarship provides the ability to create without the large investment access to this type of data requires.

  • Company Information: name, URL, phone #, address, city, state, zip code, # of employees, Annual revenues, Industry, SIC
  • Contact information: First and Last name, title, email, title level, Social Media Profiles
  • For Direct Marketing
  • For product Development
  • Lower barriers to entry for startup marketing by providing access to direct marketing data
  • Remove barrier to entry for startups who’s business concept require access to volumes of accurate company and contact information.

To apply for The MountainTop Data Startup Scholarship send an email to [email protected] with your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone #
  • Company Name
  • Description and any other info you think may be relevant

Our process:

  • Screen startups to assure a good fit/need and award the best companies.
  • Give Selected Startups MTD API and/or TopData Search™ tools with approved volume access.