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Mike fell into webinars by accident.

He was at a company where he was responsible for all their partners and channel sales re-sellers. There was a lot of churn in the organization, and he’d been picked to create harmony and instill confidence. People were not “feeling the love.”

He told them, “There are many things I can do, many I can’t, but I promise that every month on a Thursday we’ll have ‘the partner call.’ We’ll keep you in the know, share what’s going on in product management and some success stories.” It ended up working very well, because it helped increase sales within their company and decrease a lot of the angst that partners had.

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When Mike went to another company, they were trying to roll out new a new maps technology and expand it from consumers to B2B. The person he was working with suggested a webinar, and Mike thought it sounded fun. It became the catalyst for what he’s doing today.

After the first webinar, he was excited about the turnout. His marketing director came into his office with sweat dripping off his brow and Mike said, “I can’t wait to do another,” while the director said, “Are you kidding? I never want to do another one of these again. Too many moving parts, too many things going wrong.”

And Mike realized right there: there’s a business opportunity here. I enjoy this, and I could take care of it for people.

It comes down to seeing a need and filling it.


Mike is the CEO the webinar production company WebAttract. He has delivered over 500 B2B demand generation webinars. He is also an award-winning author, producer and a frequent guest speaker for such organizations as the American Marketing Association, Content Marketing Institute, and Content Marketing World.


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For information on Webattract go to webattract.com


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