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data scrub
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Data Scrub

     Better Results with clean data

Data Scrub

Well executed marketing campaigns can fall flat because of inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete data.

Our Data Scrub service is designed to assure you are always working with the most up to date data possible.

Give your campaigns the chance they deserve, let us provide you with a free data analysis and quote.

Try our Free Data Scrub Tool



Don’t suffer quarter after quarter trying to run your marketing with dirty and incomplete data. Import your data into our free Data Scrub tool and get a report on your data as well as your file back with some basic data cleaning done, at no cost.

Your Data

  • Contacts that are no longer at the company or have changed positions
  • Email addresses that are missing or inaccurate
  • Duplicate contacts and companies
  • Companies and contacts are included but don’t fit your target
  • Critical targeting information is missing


  • Identify and remove inaccurate or outdated contacts
  • Identify and remove records with inaccurate emails
  • Remove and consolidate duplicate records
  • Standardize company names
  • Flag and remove dangerous contacts


Your Data:

  • Append missing information to existing contacts and accounts.
  • Email addresses, Websites, and Phone#
  • Add new target contacts to your existing accounts

New Data:

  • Identify new accounts within your target and add to your database
  • Add new contacts to your existing target account
  • Add target contacts by specific skills or job functions


Once your database has been changed and updated we can maintain it on a monthly basis regularly adding new contacts. Maintaining your database will help improve your marketing response rates and increase sales.


Give us a call to get started with a free data analysis report and quote.

(818) 252 – 8140