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B2B Lists

  • Email with every record
  • Accuracy guarantee
  • You own the data

B2B Lists

Having new prospects is the foundation of every marketing campaign. At MountainTop Data we are experts at developing and maintaining high quality databases. With tens of millions of highly accurate records and more data being added daily we are sure to have prospects to help your campaigns.

  • Data Guarantee: Poor quality data being sold by even the biggest names in our industry gives data companies a bad reputation. To help comfort the nerves of our most timid clients we stand behind the quality of our data with a 100% guarantee. With constant job turnover no list will ever be 100% accurate, but we guarantee 100% of our records and will replace or refund for any records you find to have inaccurate emails. We can do this because we don’t only verify our emails every 60 days like most companies, we have developed proprietary data cleaning techniques to identify bad records in multiple ways and cleanses/scrub your list in real time. Ask us for a sample and see for yourself.
    Our competitors may offer a guarantee but look at the fine print and they will typically only guarantee 85% of their data. We guarantee 100% because you shouldn’t have to pay for inaccurate data. What do they know about their data they aren’t telling you?
  • Direct Email: All of our contacts come with a direct email address, no info@ or sales@ here. Our competitors will say they offer emails but they will want to charge you extra and will only have email addresses for some contacts. Then many of those emails will be general company emails (info@, etc) rather than the direct email addresses you need.
  • Own your Data: If your still renting lists or subscribing to a data service year after year read this carefully. When you buy a list from us you own the right to use it for as long as you want. No re-purchasing the same data year after year or being locked into a subscription with little data within you target audience and even less data added over time.
  • Social Insights: Many of our records include social media information. This allows you to reach out to these contacts directly via LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. It also allows us to target contacts and companies based on social trends and specific information in their social profiles that you can’t find in a contacts title or companies industry.

Contact us to learn more and get a free estimate on what we can do for your data.

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